Our Process

Life is a journey into the future.

Each of us is on our own unique journey to our own unique future. Stottsure Financial Advice has found that many people are so busy and focused on day to day living that they have yet to develop a road map to their future goals, aspirations and dreams.


How does your financial future look?

Stottsure Financial Advice recognises that everyone is different with unique needs and aspirations. What’s more, your financial needs change as you go through different life stages. At StottSure Financial Advice we help you make the appropriate choices regarding your financial future.


How do we achieve this?

Our goal is to get to know you by developing a sound knowledge of your circumstances, needs and aspirations. Once we have done this we develop and provide you with your financial road map outlining personalized financial strategies to secure your financial future and peace of mind. We provide regular reviews as checkpoints to make sure that your plan is on track.


Looking into your financial future can be like travelling through unfamiliar territory. With Stottsure Financial Advice you will have a financial road map to follow with clearly defined goals and deadlines.

1: First Meeting

Discovery - get to know each other and decide if we'd like to work together. Sign Terms of Engagement letter.


  • Research and analyse current personal situation including assets/liabilities, income, insurances, estate plan etc (contact product providers on your behalf)
  • Formulate, stress-test and optimise available strategies.
  • Determine appropriate providers for wealth creation and protection.
  • Contact product providers/accountant as necessary.
  • Get quotes from potential product providers.

CLIENT Actions

  • Send through additional information as requested.
  • Do requested "homework" to understand investment concepts.

2: Strategy Meeting(s)

Discuss recommended strategies and likely outcomes.


Continue to implement actions from Step 1 as required, plus:

  • Fine-tune and document recommendations.
  • Finalise investment portfolio to suit outcomes and risk profile.
  • Liaise with other legal/tax professionals if necessary.

CLIENT Actions

Continue to implement actions from Step 1 as required, plus:

  • Do any additional "homework" to understand recommended strategies.

3: Advice Implementation Meeting

Finalise financial plan. Sign documentation to implement. Implement recommendations.


Continue to implement actions from Step 2 as required, plus:

  • Ensure plan is implemented correctly:
    • Establish accounts/policies.
    • Co-ordinate rollovers/contributions.
    • Liaise with all product providers.
    • Purchase required investments.
    • Cancel any superseded products when replacements are finalised.
    • Schedule ongoing management of your plan.
  • Schedule ongoing management of your plan.

CLIENT Actions

Continue to implement actions from Step 2 as required, plus:

  • Complete any requested underwriting requirements.
  • Liaise with third parties as requested (e.g. employer, Centrelink).

4: Implementation Review

We look at everything that has been implemented so far and ensure that it is all moving forward as expected.

5: Commence Ongoing Service

We will schedule regular review meetings with you to ensure that your financial plan is adjusted for your circumstances as your life changes.

The Stottsure Financial Advice Partnership

We’ll work with you to develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship that:

Helps you determine and define your personal lifestyle and financial objectives

Works to help you reach your personal and financial objectives

Both parties feel their needs and expectations are being met

Is based on reliability, integrity & trust

Provides regular communication


Peace of mind partnerships

Without support and guidance the journey to your financial future can be long and aimless.


In fact most people will never reach this destination on their own. Stottsure Financial Advice invites you to join our financial peace of mind journey. Our professional team will work with you each step of the way to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams.


Take the first step on your financial journey by contacting us.

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