Tamra & Steve | (Insurance)

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The Challenge

Imagine not working for 2 or 3 years... no income, but the bills still keep coming.

The Outcome

My name is Steve and I visited Paul at Stottsure to obtain some insurance cover. We first went in for a life insurance policy which we thought was required and after speaking to Paul, he recommended that we have Income Protection insurance for the work I was doing. He went through the scenario of what would happen to me financially if I was seriously injured at work and had no Income Protection.

Thanks to Paul, we took his recommendations, albeit hesitantly, and obtained the insurance cover thinking that would never happen to me.

But it did happen and I was seriously injured in a work place accident. I thank Paul because he advised us in the right direction with a policy that covered my income while I was injured. Without that policy we would have lost everything we had financially. Just imagine without working for 2 to 3 years there is no income, but the bills still keep coming in. It would have made things tough.

As it turned out we needed those policies, one of them provided me with an income along with a Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) policy that covered our debts and ensured we didn't lose everything.


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