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The Challenge

We had a number of issues with our disability insurance claims and things were not looking good for us.

The Outcome

I had a terrible injury at work. The problem was that I couldn’t return to work and we had a massive debt. Fortunately Paul had recommended insurances to cover for this kind ofsituation. We had an Income Protection policy which maintained our lifestyle and a Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) policy which paid off the mortgage.

Obviously we never expected this to happen. It is a surprise for us, as would be for anyone.

For us, Stottsure was the difference. Paul guided us as to what our requirements were. We had three different policies, two TPD policies and anIncome Protection policy. These were all based on income and Paul was the difference because we had a couple of glitches with the claim and Paul basically stood up and batted for us. Stottsure, with Paul as a representative, went to Melbourne and went to the actual insurers meeting and he fought for us when we were in terrible trouble.

For us, he was a guiding hand in an incredibly turbulent time in our lives. He stood up for us when we really needed him to without asking him to do so. He just said "look, it is my responsibility as our adviser" and he went ahead and took the bull by the horns and sorted it out for us. Very positive outcome for us.

Paul stepped up and really shouldered the burden and took us through a very, very stressful time. We were lucky that everything worked out in the end.

We are 100% behind Paul and Stottsure. If it wasn’t for Paul we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today as he really went above and beyond.

Would we recommend Stottsure and Paul Stott...Most definitely.


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