Cliff & Susan | (Insurance) 

 families, pre-retirees

The Challenge

Having the appropriate cover in place and an adviser that cares when it comes time to make a claim

The Outcome

One of the most invaluable things that we ever did was agreed to insurance that Paul suggested.

Paul has been our insurance adviser for more than 20 years. Paul took over our old insurance policies and gave us some really good ideas about what we should be doing for our future.

As my role in business improved, my income increased. Paul was always there, adapting and changing our policies by making sure that we had sufficient levels of cover for our mortgages, medical expenses and cashflow in the event of an unforeseen occurrence. Unfortunately that happened.

If you look at me now, you wouldn’t believe that I have one of the rarest illnesses on the planet and I was a very, very sick person.

I was under a lot of stress during the first few years while establishing what the illness was and getting insurance claims accepted. The claims process could have been far more stressful if Paul had not been there to assist every step of the way. I can’t remember most of the claim process because Paul handled so much of it. He took as much of the worry from me by dealing with the insurer on my behalf. It was fantastic, so easy. Our part of it was dealing with the Specialists and Doctors to get the best treatment and we were always able to pass on the new information to Paul, which he inturn, would use to support our claims and ultimately the insurance companies approving the claims.

There were a number of different insurances. There were the payouts for Trauma and also Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) which allowed us to pay off our mortgage and have additional funds in the bank so we were free to do whatever we wanted for our future.

We also had Income Protection, I don’t think we would have survived without this, particularly with our standard of living. All of the insurances have allowed us to maintain that  standard of living which continues to this day, and will do so to the age of 65.

My life expectancy, we don’t know what that is but importantly, my wife and kids are protected in the event of my premature death. In light of my illness, taking insurance advice from Paul has proven to be one of the most important financial decisions we have made.


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